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You can overcome life's challenges and feel good again! (424) 298-0009

I will help you feel better. Counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, children and families.

Kamala White, MA, MFT, is committed to serving the needs of you and your family. I offer counseling and therapy in a convenient location in West Los Angeles.

No matter how bad you feel, you can heal. I specialize in helping you recover from trauma and addictions in yourself and the ones you love, as well as helping stop unwanted behaviors and finding healthy ways to handle feelings. 

Addictions, depression, anxiety, healing from sexual abuse and sexual bullying, anger issues, loss, couples' arguments, teenagers' acting out, adjusting to new life phases... these are just some of the issues that we can work on for you. Learning new ways of looking at yourself and your life, and finding new tools for coping can help you feel a lot better about yourself and about life.

Counseling and therapy can assist you in overcoming traumas, both recent and past. Both forms of treatment can help you learn how to cope better with all areas of life.

Counseling tends to be a more surface-level interaction, with specific, concrete advice given. While I can not tell you what to do with your life, because it is your life, I can offer suggestions that have helped many other people feel better. 

Therapy tends to be a deeper level of treatment, which addresses the underlying dynamics of the issues you face, and helps you resolve them more permanently. 

Both forms of treatment require some work and commitment, but the work is an exceptional investment in your future.

If you are willing to stretch a little, you can grow beyond whatever may have been blocking you from living the life you desire. I can help you decide what areas of your life you most want to change, and can help you take action on those areas as well as on a long-term plan for your growth.

Using universal principles of human growth and spirituality, I offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.

I aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy - at every point in her or his life, and I strive to provide a safe environment for you that encourages personal and spiritual growth.

You can bounce back from any setback life has thrown your way. For things to really change, you need to move slightly outside your comfort zone, and do something new. The old saying is true: "If nothing changes, nothing changes." Seems obvious, doesn't it? But so many people just wait for something to magically change, without doing anything new. If you are reading this you are already doing something new. I hope you continue your forward momentum and seek outside help. 

I think it takes courage and strength to risk reaching out. I congratulate you on being willing to seek honestly for answers to the questions you are facing. I will do my level best to help you find the answers you seek, and to help you create positive and lasting change to live an abundant life. 

(424) 298-0009 For a Free 15- Minute Consulation Call Today!

CA MFT #40325